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Acoustic Cat
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1 Silim&Long 가늘고길게
2 Much 많아 mp3!
3 That'sMe 나는원래이래요 mp3!
4 WhenImInPrettyClothes 예쁜옷을입으면
5 ILikePolo? 폴로가좋아
6 CarrotJuice 당근주스
7 Listen 들어봐
8 ILoveYou? 널사랑해난
9 waitingtime
10 IWantToHugYouMuch? 많이안아주고싶어요 mp3!
11 ColoringStudy? 색칠공부
12 StreetCat? 도둑고양이

AcousticCat 어쿠스틱고양이: binudoduk 2004 EP
binudoduk 비누도둑: Nam Seung Hee 남승희 Shin Dong Sun 신동선(Jang Tae Sun 장태순 2005)

All Songs & Lyrics Written by Nam Seung Hee except track 3 Lyrics by Snowcat 스노우캣
Vocal, Acoustic Guitar & Synth by Nam Seung Hee 남승희
Bass by Shin Dong Sun 신동선
Drums by Kim Hee Chul 김희철
Produced by Nam Seung Hee
Recorded by Choi Yeong Seop 최영섭 at Issac Studio except vocal recording track 2 3 4 8 10 by Kim Hyeok Jung 김혁중 at Hans production & track 1 7 9 11 12 by "The Wise" at Issac Studio
Mixed by "The Wise" at Issac Studio Mastered by "The Wise" at Logic Studio
jacket designed by Nam Seung Hee
Special thanks to: Kim Hyeok Jung, Kim Eun ok 김은옥, June Kim 김창준


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